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This was my first miner purchase, and i'm sure like you, i tried to do as much research as i could to find a legitimate online seller i was going to send my money to. i found 4 Miners and couldnt be happier with the service i recevived. customer support was super helpful and answered many questions along the way.


Surely 5 stars for review. The best price and service , i will buy more for sure.


I am reluctant to write this review because i kind of want to keep 4 Miners as the best kep open secret for crypto supplies hidden away from potential competitors. There are several cryptos minding vendors available to choose from, but good luck trying to get equipment at all or at a reasonable price in a bull market, 4 Miners has been able to deliver when other vendors ( that will remain nameless) accepted payment for an in stock item, canceled my order, increaced the price, then refused to fill my order unless more money was sent to make up the price difference ( i opted for a refund instead). Although 4 Miners works with customers of all sizes, individual/hobbyist like myself are not left stranded for service. Every presale and post sale question has been answered. looking back on the last two years of service, shopping here has probably been one of the best crypto decisions, i have made .


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